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The Edge of Never by J.A. Redmerski Review

Twenty-year-old Camryn Bennett had always been one to think out-of-the-box, who knew she wanted something more in life than following the same repetitive patterns and growing old with the same repetitive life story. And she thought that her life was going in the right direction until everything fell apart.

Determined not to dwell on the negative and push forward, Camryn is set to move in with her best friend and plans to start a new job. But after an unexpected night at the hottest club in downtown North Carolina, she makes the ultimate decision to leave the only life she’s ever known, far behind.

With a purse, a cell phone and a small bag with a few necessities, Camryn, with absolutely no direction or purpose boards a Greyhound bus alone and sets out to find herself. What she finds is a guy named Andrew Parrish, someone not so very different from her and who harbors his own dark secrets. But Camryn swore never to let down her walls again. And she vowed never to fall in love.

But with Andrew, Camryn finds herself doing a lot of things she never thought she’d do. He shows her what it’s really like to live out-of-the-box and to give in to her deepest, darkest desires. On their sporadic road-trip he becomes the center of her exciting and daring new life, pulling love and lust and emotion out of her in ways she never imagined possible. But will Andrew’s dark secret push them inseparably together, or tear them completely apart?
My Thoughts:
3.5/5 stars

I have to be honest I was very disappointed with this book.
Everyone was going on and on about how great is and I just found it to be really boring.
The storyline was different though and I liked that aspect a lot.
It starts with a young woman hurting from the loss of her boyfriend and dealing
with her best friend's boyfriend being in love with her.
She skips town and tries to run from her problems when she runs smack into
one of the sexiest guys ever... Andrew Parrish.
Together they embark on an adventure and learn more about one another.
My big problem with this book was that it was longggg and the story didn't pick up
until I was halfway through the book. While the storyline had charming parts,
I just felt it was lacking substance. Not to mention... the Cajun accent drove me nuts!
There was a huge surprise near the end, but it was rushed.
It was like huge problem then BAM 2 months later.
I wish I could have loved this one like everyone else.
I really do....

Undeclared by Jen Frederick Review

For four years, Grace Sullivan wrote to a Marine she never met, and fell in love. But when his deployment ended, so did the letters. Ever since that day, Grace has been coasting, academically and emotionally. The one thing she’s decided? No way is Noah Jackson — or any man — ever going to break her heart again.

Noah has always known exactly what he wants out of life. Success. Stability. Control. That’s why he joined the Marines and that’s why he’s fighting his way — literally — through college. Now that he’s got the rest of his life on track, he has one last conquest: Grace Sullivan. But since he was the one who stopped writing, he knows that winning her back will be his biggest battle yet.
My Thoughts:
5/5 stars!

This book was great!I fell in love with the characters and became invested in the storyline.
It starts with Grace Sullivan, a young woman trying get over her feelings for a soldier
she wrote to in high school. When she spots him on campus feelings are stronger than
ever and she battles whether she can forgive or not. Noah tries everything to win her back.
Will she give him a second chance....?
I can't praise the Author enough on this book!
The letters included were key points. I loved how real they felt.
Noah is definitely my new book boyfriend. He had a genuine side and a tough side.
It added to his hotness that he was an MMA fighter. Mmmm!
Grace was also a great character! I loved how strong she was. Even though
her heart was aching, she stood her ground. We need more female characters
like her!
The storyline was unique. I thought it was wonderful how the Author tied in raw emotions, romance, and friendship all together. I am defintely looking forward to book 2.

My Grace & Noah:

Phoenix Ashes by Lisa Morgan Blog Tour

Phoenix Ashes
(Maggie Henning & The Realm: book 4)
Author: Lisa Morgan
Genre: YA/NA Paranormal-Fantasy Romance
Tour Host: Lady Amber's Tours
Maggie Henning has fallen.
Sent to Ashe, stuck between life and death, Maggie is living in a dream; remembering nothing of the battle to save the world or of her love for Luc. There is only one way back- she must remember it all. But in leaving the perfection that is Ashe, she’ll lose her mother all over again.
Luc won’t let Maggie go without a fight. Even as he watches her body withering before his eyes, he refuses to give up on their love. Aided by trusted friends, Luc wages war to bring back the Phoenix he loves, even as a threat far bigger than Ossa lets his presence be known.
When you are left with only one chance to get it all back, do you seize it, or do you burn the world to the ground?
Purchase links to the entire series (In reading order):
Phoenix Resolution (The Series Finale) will be available in late November
Meet the Author...
Lisa Morgan lives in rural Upstate NY with her husband Brian, three children, a degu and precocious Siberian Husky. A lover of books and words, it has always been her desire to tell stories that the people near her could listen read, escaping the world around them by way of the page. Always having a new story idea popping into her head, sometimes at the least appropriate times, Lisa can almost always be found with a notebook and writing utensil somewhere within reach, just as her 8th
grade teacher made her promise to do.
When she isn't writing or taxiing kids, Lisa enjoys reading, football, cooking, singing & dancing badly; tattoos, and spending time with family and friends.
Twitter: @iluvvikingvamps

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Being There by T.K. Rapp Cover Reveal

Being There by T.K. Rapp
got a beautiful new cover~

When Cass Howard was young, she never dreamed she would have the perfect job, living in New York, with an amazing man by her side.

That’s a good thing…because none of that ever happened.

Drew Alexander was the one person who knew Cass better than almost anyone, and the friendship that developed in high school carried them to college. Despite the distance, their bond grew stronger, revealing to each of them what they meant to each other. A series of fleeting moments and a string of failed relationships helped them realize that what they really wanted, what they needed, was each other.

But that was five years ago, and sometimes things just don’t work out.

Now twenty-five, Cass finds herself living in Houston, working at a small publishing house as an editor. By most accounts, she appears happy, however she has managed to avoid a true relationship, opting to channel all of her energy on work, despite protests from her best friend.

The only thing that can drag her away is the annual girls’ weekend, which comes at the best possible time, because Cass has just learned life-altering news. With the most recent blow to her life looming overhead, will the getaway with her closest friends change her outlook on life? Or will her inability to put the past behind her stifle any chance she has of moving on? Will she ever be able to open up and let those who love her be there for her?

Author Bio:
Call it a bucket list item, call it a dream...but whatever it was, T.K. Rapp always wanted to write a book. Born and raised in a small Texas town, a place she never planned to leave, she went away for college where she met her husband and all everything changed. A Naval move had them living on both coasts for five years until they were finally able to settle back in TexAss for a final two. With roots finally established, she worked as a photographer with her mom full-time for seven years. But, as much as she loved photography, her need to write still haunted her, that is until she turned 35.
2013, she decided to attack that list of things she's always wanted to do, starting with writing. She put fingers to keyboard and wrote her first novel, Being There, a book that was self-published at the beginning of July.
When she's not at her desk, she enjoys being with her family, photographing, reading (LOTS!!) visiting with friends or just watching movies. She is currently working on two more books.
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Becoming Invisible Blog Tour

Becoming Invisible by Tiffany Carmouche
Book Genre:       New Adult,      Romance,      Suspenseful Romance,     Contemporary

Becoming Invisible is the third book The Alaskan Heart Saga, a Contemporary New Adult Series about finding unexpected love and a woman’s fight for survival.
Passion. ..Obsession. ..Love…Loss.
When fire consumes the Carlisle’s home and an obsessed serial killer continues to hunt Nicole and her family, Dylan and Bradley realize the only way to keep them alive is to help them become… invisible.                   

Review of Becoming Invisible
“Becoming Invisible is the third book of the series and it has you hitting the ground running. Another fantastic, descriptive, heart-pounding read from Tiffany Carmouche. The story continues at a perfect pace and will have your temperature rising with lust, your heart pounding with anticipation and have your body tingling with chills, a real rollercoaster read. The intrigue, romance and suspense is perfectly written from each of the characters perspectives so it gives you that little extra insight into their thoughts and emotions, pulling you further into the story. I’m totally hooked and begging for the next installment already!”~Nicki Wilson


Have you read the first two books in the series? 

The Impostor, A Love Story 
The Impostor, A Love Story First book in series B&N

The Impostor, A Love Story is the first novel in a  New Adult Suspenseful Romantic Series. The Alaskan Heart Saga about unexpected love and a woman’s fight for survival. It is a story of growth, acceptance and having the perseverance to begin again.
 Nicole, a young single mother, escapes from an abusive ex-boyfriend and the broken dreams of becoming an artist and she travels to a place she knows little about.

Nicole’s scared of getting hurt again, but Dylan’s chiseled body, charm, and chocolate brown eyes captivate her and she fall in love. In Alaska, she discovers the power of friendship and true love and begins to let down her guard. But her security is a façade.

Soon Nicole’s innocent beauty, taunts a sinister man, and she is caught in a web of deception and danger. Someone evil is stalking her. Someone she had trusted. Will she be saved? Or will she be hunted?

Obsession and Sacrifice B&N 
Obsession and Sacrifice Amazon
Obsession and Sacrifice is the SECOND novel in a New Adult Suspenseful Romantic series. The Alaskan Heart Saga about unexpected love and a woman’s fight for survival. It is a series of growth, acceptance and having the perseverance to begin again.
When Nicole wakes up in the hospital, she has no memory of who she is or how she got there. Only the scars on her body reveal some horrific event took place and she is lucky to be alive…alive…but could she still be in danger?
Her only hope to rediscover her past and avoid a killer's obsession lies in the hands of two men: sexy Dylan, her boyfriend, who used to captivate her, and Bradley, her charming best friend, who has secretly loved her all along. She feels safe around both men but to her, they are strangers. Nicole must decide who to trust, not only with her heart, but with her life.
The two men vow to give her a second chance at life and both will sacrifice everything to make sure she survives.

Getting to know author Tiffany Carmouche ~
Best Selling Author Tiffany Carmouche has been given the title, The Queen of The Cliffhanger and Best Unknown Author You Need to Discover. When Tiffany Carmouché is not writing suspenseful romance novels, you can find her sculpting, traveling, teaching, singing, dancing, escaping in music or enjoying her family.
From skydiving in Alaska to scuba diving in Hawaii, Carmouché has traveled the world seeking adventure and it is apparent in the books she writes. Her adventures include riding camels in Africa, swimming under the stars in Puerto Rico, dancing salsa in Ecuador, and walking the cobblestone roads of Assisi, Italy. She has also found fulfillment working with the disabled and orphans in Argentina and Mexico. Her most cherished moments, however, have been watching her two beautiful daughters grow and strive to accomplish their own dreams.

Despite all of these amazing experiences, she has survived many struggles. There was a time she felt defeated, but now she is recommitted to savoring experiences both in the novels she writes and in the life she lives each day. Her secret hope is that anyone who is struggling will realize there is a light at the end of the tunnel and no matter how hard the fight, no matter how many times they have been knocked down, it is always worth staggering up to their feet and learning to breathe again.

Author Links:

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A Butterfly in Winter by Tara Entwistle-Clark Blog Tour

Title: A Butterfily in Winter
Author: Tara Entwistle-Clark
Genre: Young Adult

Tour Host:

Allison Stafford is fourteen. As if that is not enough to deal with in itself, her parents suddenly move her from her small town in Vermont to suburban Michigan, all in the middle of her freshman year of high school. For Allison, there is more to learn at her new school than just finding her way around. Soon she is attempting to make sense of her newly discovered sexuality, and wondering what it takes to fit in with the "cool" people at her school. Despite tragedy and several mistakes, Allison manages to survive. This novel leads the reader through the murky depths of high school, and reminds us all of the importance of true friendship.

Buy Link:

Bayberry Hill Park was half an hour from Bethlehem in the small town of Castleton. The park was vast, with hiking trails, campgrounds and a stable. We parked near the entrance to the hiking trails. Patrick grabbed some maps from the information desk and we walked into the forest. It was the beginning of May and everything was green. The forest smelled fresh, like it had just woken from a long sleep, and the trees were at full. It was dark inside the trees, since very little light made its way through the leaves. We were on a well-beaten dirt path. We stopped at a clearing and sat down. Rachel and Patrick sat on a log, with their backs to the trail. Tim and I leaned against a tree, sitting in the damp grass.
“Hey, Tim, what happened last night?” Rachel asked. “We really didn’t get to talk about it. What’s up with Brian and Angie?”
Tim sighed, shrugged, and looked at Rachel. “You know how they are. Angie feels like she might not have Brian’s complete attention, so she invents a tragedy. There is always something. I don’t know. I don’t even know why I bother hanging around them anymore.”
“Why do you?” Patrick asked.
“Well, Brian’s my best friend. I’ve known him since we were both kids. We live only a few blocks from each other and used to do everything together. When Angie’s family moved in, the three of us became inseparable. Angie got breasts, though, and Brian stopped thinking about anything else. I don’t really have anyone but Brian anymore,” Tim explained.
“Tim and I have been hanging out with them forever,” Rachel added. “There used to be five of us, but it’s a long story. The point is we feel obligated to still hang out with them, even though they’re totally pathetic.”
Patrick nodded. “Yeah, I understand. Everyone has people like that.” I wondered to myself if I knew anyone like that. I supposed there had been people back home, but I couldn’t think of anyone in particular.
“So, who’s up for hiking?” Patrick asked. Rachel stood up, wiping dirt off her butt and reached for his hand.
“You guys go ahead,” I offered, knowing Rachel was hoping to spend time alone with Patrick. Tim and I got up, wet from the grass, and walked away from the clearing into a large open field. He took off his jacket and laid it on the ground for me to sit on. I lay down, facing the sky and closed my eyes. Tim lay down next to me, on his side, so he was leaning over me. He kissed me quickly, softly, and lay back on the ground. We stayed there staring at the sky, not speaking, for a few minutes. He pointed out clouds to me and I smiled, breathing in the warm, spring air. I turned over on my side, so I was looking at him, and played with his hair.
“I’m so glad you didn’t wear your hat. You have the coolest hair,” I said.
“Thanks, I think,” he laughed. “You’re so awesome. You’re not like anyone else.”
“You’re joking, right? I am so much like everyone else. I’m boring and plain and I can’t do anything.”
“That’s not true. You’re beautiful, funny, and really smart. I could tell you were smart the first time I met you. I know I never talked to you much, but I listened.”
I thanked him, blushing. I did not handle compliments well, mostly because I did not get them often.
“I don’t know. I just kinda wish I was more like Rachel,” I said.
“Why? Rachel’s cool and I really like her, but I like you more.”


Author Bio:

Tara is always in the middle of something. Right now, that "something" includes a YA novel called "How Quick Bright Things" and a fantasy novel that is nearly done but has no title. In addition to writing, she loves to read. Her favorite author of all time is Courtney Summers. She thinks you should probably read her instead! No one captures high school better.

Author Links:

Facebook page: 

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Long Road Home by Jenna Pizzi Blog Tour

Title: Long Road Home
Author: Jenna Pizzi
Genre: Romance, Suspense
Tour Host:


“The Long Road Home” Is a story about family, first love, betrayal & secrets.

What if someone took away everything that you ever cared about?

What if one by one you were stripped of everything you ever knew until there was nothing left?

What if you didn't even realize what was happening to you, because it was by the hands of one man, one man who was driven by obsession to possess you, to own you.

Christina never believed in love at first sight, until she met Michael. In the span of one summer, Christina finds her soulmate only to have him suddenly torn from her life, her father is set up for a crime he didn’t commit, and her best friend Lani is swept up into a fairy tale of her own. Christina suddenly finds herself alone and vulnerable, with only one person left to turn to, Logan. Little by little she begins to fall under his spell.
Logan will stop at nothing to get what he wants, and what he has wanted all along is Christina. He has managed to worm his way into her life, separate her from everyone she cares about, and steal the life she was meant to have with someone else.
In a series of shocking events, the truth starts to unravel, and the true Logan Harrington is discovered for who he really is. Christina's friends fight for her to uncover the truth, and free herself from his web of deception. Will she piece the truth together, or will she succumb to his delusional lies?


Logan walked into the kitchen, looked directly into Michael’s face, and grinned just to antagonize him.
“Is there a problem, Michael?”
“What’s your game, man?”
Logan took a step closer and cocked his head to the side.
“I don’t think I understand. Whatever do you mean, Michael?”
“Oh, you know damn well what I’m talking about. Why is it that every time I turn my back you’re all over my girlfriend?”
Logan sneered at him as his tone suddenly changed.
“What are you going to do, pal? You’re going to be gone, won’t you? Who do you think is going to pick up the pieces of her broken heart? Game over, my friend, I win.”
It was all Michael needed to hear. He’d always known Logan was after Christina, but to hear it from his mouth was a totally different story. Michael took the dish he was holding, threw it across the room, and then lunged at Logan. The two of them threw punches and tore up the kitchen. Logan threw Michael over the kitchen counter, and with him, all the dessert dishes. Michael in turn shoved Logan into the kitchen table, and the table collapsed under Logan’s weight. Tiffany screamed out for help.
Christina came running at the sound of the commotion. Andrew and Daniel followed behind her. Andrew grabbed hold of Logan and tried to pull him away. Daniel grabbed onto Michael and pulled him to the opposite side of the kitchen. Logan laughed a mocking laugh as he wiped the blood off his mouth.
“You’re so fucking done, my friend. Get the hell out of my house before I call the cops.”
Michael pulled himself out of Daniel’s hold. He couldn’t help seeing the look of disappointment written on his face. He knew Daniel would side with Logan and not want to hear the truth of what happened.
Michael felt defeated. He stormed through the house and out the front door. Christina looked at Logan and shook her head.
“What the hell is wrong with you?”
Logan ran his fingers through his hair and smirked.
“Ask your boyfriend. He’s the one who threw the first punch. I caught him with his hands all over Tiffany.”
Tiffany let out a cry.
“How can you say that? That’s a lie.”
“Of course you’d say that, wouldn’t you? You’ve been pining over him for years, haven’t you?” Logan lashed out at her. Tiffany began to cry and ran out the back door.
Christina was torn. She looked around and noticed everyone was staring in their direction, so she ran to Logan’s room to retrieve her bag. Logan followed behind her and closed the door.
“Where are you going? Are you seriously going to leave knowing what that man just did?”
She pulled the strap over her shoulder.
“I can’t stay here. I have to find Michael.” She began to walk to the door when she stopped and looked at him. “How could you do this, Logan? If you really do care for me, you’d stop with all the games, and just accept that I love him.” She pushed past him and out into the hall.
“Good bye, Logan.” She slammed the door as she left. Lani grabbed her.
“Go… just go and find him. I’ll look after things here. Find him before he does something stupid.” Christina ran out the front door. Lani heard a loud crash from behind her. She opened Logan’s bedroom door just in time to see the hole that Logan had just put in the wall with his fist.

Author Bio:

Born and raised in Massachusetts, Jenna settled into America's hometown where she proudly calls home with her family. She is an avid book reader and collector with an entire room dedicated to her passion. At the age of twelve years old Jenna began writing, determined to be just like Stephen King or Dean Koontz.
For her it all starts with the flick of an image. From there a story is born. Being an eternal romantic, Jenna is a true believer in happy endings. It's the rest of the story that anything is possible. Writing is her passion. It is something that helps her unwind at the end of the day. She likes to tell stories that will pull at your heartstrings, or simply whisk you away even for just a little while. So grab your favorite blanket, and a hot cup of coffee and settle in for the ride.
Author Links:
Twitter: @jaderayne

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When You're Ready by J.L. Berg Review

Can his love mend the pieces of her grieving heart?

Years after suffering the tragic loss of her husband, Ethan, which left her alone to raise their young daughter, Clare Murray still holds the last letter he wrote with the words “When You’re Ready” written in his familiar messy handwriting, unable to break its weathered seal. Ready for what? He was her entire world, and Clare had accepted a life without him, without love. Until years later, fate brings her to an emergency room, and face to face with a stormy-eyed doctor intent on changing her mind.

Logan Matthews is the son of a billionaire who has spent his entire life trying to make his absent father proud. Years of living up to a man who was more ghost than father, and a publicly failed marriage has left Logan cold and emotionless until he walks into an exam room and discovers a woman who can stop his heart, make his body burn with desire and leave his entire world altered.

But how far are Clare and Logan willing to go for love? When their love is tested, is Clare ready to put her whole heart on the line again? Can Logan learn the true meaning of love, even if it means sacrificing his own happiness? When a second chance at love is given, Clare and Logan learn you never know if you are truly ready until you’re ready to risk it all.
My Thoughts:
One of the best books I have ever read! 
 5 Stars
I cannot praise this book enough.
It had a beautiful storyline with awesome characters!
Clare Murray, a single mother lost her husband to cancer. He was her one true love and
she spent years grieving.  Leah, her best friend pushes her to get back out into the dating scene, but she has never met someone to make her want to date again... that is until she meets Dr. Matthews.
"I locked eyes with Clare one more time, trying to memorize the emerald color that shined through them. It's true, a man could get lost in those eyes forever, but it wasn't going to be me." -Logan
Logan Matthews is a sexy man, with a player lifestyle. When he meets
Clare he feels an undeniable connection and wants nothing more than to be near her.
As their relationship progresses Maddie (Clare's daughter) becomes attached and
Clare finds herself completely head over heels. A huge surprise happens towards the
end of the book threatening to tear them apart. 
 A letter from Clare's Ex may just be the relationship saver.
"Did I mention you look amazing? Downright fucking beautiful" -Logan
This story brought so much to the table... 
It had laughter, romance, friendship, heartbreak,
family issues, & of course sexiness!
The Author did an amazing job at writing a book that, you as a reader, related to.
I was surprised to find myself so emotionally connected to Clare & Logan.
 I was a mess near the end, tears streaming down my face!
I will never forget this book & I am pretty sure
that Logan will forever be one of my book boyfriends~

I highly recommend!


My Logan & Clare: