Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Excerpt Event (Author Gina Whitney)

Today we have an Excerpt from
Beautiful Lies by Gina Whitney
Lust, Love, and Letting Go

Cameron Sterling has sworn off women. Enigmatic and moody, all he cares about is his career…until he meets Lilly Amsel. A honey-haired fashion model with a killer body, she knocks him right off the fast track. Their undeniable physical attraction is white hot, their desire for one another an unstoppable force of nature.

They unleash years of pent-up carnal frustration on one another, leading to some mind-blowing sex. It also brings something unexpected into their lives: love with no limitations. But can their relationship survive their past demons? Cam has been alone for so long, he’s forgotten how to open his heart. Lilly keeps memories of her abusive childhood at bay with an addiction to prescription meds.

And then there’s the big problem: Lilly is already involved with a wealthy, powerful older man who controls her emotionally and financially and has no desire to share her. When he finds out about her trysts with another man, he deploys his thugs, sending Cam and Lilly on the run, fighting for their lives—and their love.

"You may be done, but I’m not,” Cam said. He then put my legs in an open position and stood on his knees in between. He took both my hands and wrapped them around his dick— which seemed to have grown inexplicably larger—then slid them up and down. It was still coated by the thick lubrication gifted from my cunt. I really did need two hands to handle that long, thick beast. I was prone on the floor, and, from above, it looked like a girthy pipe. It took much effort to traverse its awesome length. I was exhausted from the love that Cam had just given me and had to use the last bit of my energy to jerk him off. Hand over hand, I tugged up the shaft with alternating constricting and contracting movements. On the down strokes, I bottle-capped it with twisting movements. Cam steadied himself by placing his hands on my bent knees. “You like that?” I asked, watching his head rear back a bit. “Aw, shit, yeah. You’re the best,” Cam said. He rocked his body between my thighs in sync with my hand strokes. Then Cam let out a grunt as he bucked and seized. He drew in a breath through his clenched teeth. Like from a pressurized water hose, hot cum shot all over my chest and stomach—the milk of the gods. Cam’s release seemed to go on forever and wore him out.

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