Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Affair by Beth Kery Review

Available for the first time as a complete novel—the serial from the New York Times bestselling author that explores the dynamics of power and sex between two people who set the rules of desire…only to shatter them.
When unconventional hospice nurse Emma Shore secured a new position at the Breakers, the sprawling mansion of enigmatic and dangerously handsome racecar billionaire Michael Montand, she had no idea how soon she’d be drawn into his darker sexual games—or that it would be her own fantasies that would hold her captive.

Michael knew he shouldn’t have engaged such an innocent woman to share in his desires. But strong sexual appetites and selfishness run in his blood.

From Michael’s luxurious lakeside home to the sun-drenched, sensual shores of the French Riviera, Emma submits again and again to his intoxicating power. But she knows there is only one way to protect her heart.

The affair will continue, but under her conditions: Only she can end it, and when it’s over, they will part and never speak again of the things they dared to do behind locked doors.
**Thank you Berkley for the ARC**

This was my first read by Beth Kery and I was pleasantly surprised. While it was an erotic book, there was just enough depth in the plot to dilute some of the sexy and give it that complete story feel.
It was definitely not your cliché erotic read. It had your typical sexy scenes that at times felt redundant, but there was always a twist or turn to keep you guessing. I was invested in the romance and fell hard for Vanni. 

"It was nearly impossible to focus on her future pain when she was in the intoxicating clutches of falling in love."
Emma is a hospice nurse and Vanni is a billionaire. Both know death all too well and both let their pasts effect their present. Until they meet face to face, love is overlooked. When they are forced together in a professional setting, an intense sexual attraction is formed and they quickly find themselves desperate for one another. Emma wants to guard her heart though, so when he asks for more, she only agrees to a 5 week affair. After that she can choose to stay or walk away. As time passes, the romance grows fast and both feel as though they are in over their heads. Together they indulge in expensive gifts, bdsm sex, & a luxurious vacation to France. Emotions run deep and they become quite reliant on one another. Their relationship is push and pull and as secrets are revealed, their love is put to the test.
I devoured this book in just two sittings. The writing was on point and the flow was fast paced. I found myself sucked into the story and drawn to the characters. I think what made this book so good was the setting development. I felt like I was sipping on expensive wine, sitting seaside, reading this elegant story that was packed with secrets. It was really easy to picture the places the characters went and to feel the emotion pouring from the pages. I'm not a huge fan of erotica, but this one worked for me. I definitely recommend it to all readers that love European billionaires and a-whole-lotta sexy.

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