Friday, March 4, 2016

The Book of You by Claire Kendal

A terrifying psychological thriller about obsession and power, perfect for fans of Gone Girl and Before I Go to Sleep.

Clarissa is becoming more and more frightened of her colleague, Rafe. He won’t leave her alone, and he refuses to take no for an answer. He is always there.

Being selected for jury service is a relief. The courtroom is a safe haven, a place where Rafe can’t be. But as a violent tale of kidnap and abuse unfolds, Clarissa begins to see parallels between her own situation and that of the young woman on the witness stand.

Realizing that she bears the burden of proof, Clarissa unravels the twisted, macabre fairytale that Rafe has spun around them – and discovers that the ending he envisions is more terrifying than she could have imagined.


3/5 Stars

This book was intriguing, mysterious, and creepy. It's about a crazy one night stand that begins with rape and ends with a crazy stalker. The guy is straight lunatic I tell you! He follows her everywhere and leaves her creepy photos at her doorstep. While she tries to uncover secrets and remain alive, he digs deeper into her privacy. He invades her friendships, her workplace, and her casual day to day life. She can't get away from him. He is always there and it takes extreme measures to finally be rid of him.

While I really liked this story... there was a lot of redundancy that became boring at times. Each journal entry was another encounter of him lurking and her noting. Most occurrences were similar. I think I really craved difference. More action... More intensity... 

All in all it was a well written book with a twisty plot. I recommend it to fans of You by Caroline Kepnes.

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