Friday, March 29, 2013

Piercing the Fold by Venessa Kimball

Venessa Kimball did an excellent job writing this first book to her series.
I give it 5 out 5!

I loved this book from beginning to end! It is about a young woman that begins experiencing dizzy spells and hearing the thoughts of others. When she is confronted by her professor an unexpected bond is automatically formed. Later she finds out she is destined to be a guardian and is sent away to train. While training she meets gorgeous Nate and learns they are connected to one another. Once placed in her territory she is forced to leave him behind and is confronted with danger. A mysterious boy catches her attention and the story takes a turn. With love, suspense, and details like no other this story is beautifully written. Towards the end I caught myself  getting chills and not wanting to put it down.  Between the descriptions of scenery to the character personalities, the author did a great job at painting pictures in your mind.  I was consumed by the storyline. I loved the scientific parts and that she tied religion in as well. Definitely recommend this to all readers.
My Favorite Excerpt from the book:
"   Nate is breathing heavily with his hands on his hips. His eyes are burning deep into mine. "What thoughts?" Don't think about it. Nate moves toward me. "Too late." He cups both of his hands around my face so delicately. I can't take my eyes off his face, his eyes, his lips. I could have easily slipped away, but didn't. He brushes a few hairs off of my face that had fallen loose on my run. I feel myself breathing faster, not from running. I put my hand over his.  "
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