Sunday, March 31, 2013

Surfacing the Rim by Venessa Kimball

Another fantastic book from Venessa Kimball.
5 out of 5
Surfacing the Rim started right where Piercing the Fold left off. It consumed me so much I read it in one day. I felt as if I was living within the book. It is such a one of the kind storyline that has a little bit of something for everyone. During this installment Jesca is faced with a mission that in order to complete, she has to overcome many difficulties. You learn a lot about the history of the copula and family secrets as well. The suspense and details in it were fabulous. I loved how the book reminded me of the suspense in the House of Night Series and the love triangle in Twilight.  Ahh love triangle team Nate or team Xander??..... I can't choose. Nate is so sweet and protective, yet Xander is just as sweet and the passion between Jes and him is like fire. I am still undecided, but leaning towards Xander! I am so looking forward to the third book and hope all of you get to experience this wonderful series!
Favorite Excerpt from the book:
"  "Even if this started because of what they chose for us, it's not why I am choosing to be here with you now." I sigh and make sure she can't get in my thoughts. God, if you only knew what you mean to me. It's so much more than this link. With her body molded to mine. I feel our hearts beat seperately, and then they quicken in time with one other until they are synchronized. "
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