Thursday, June 20, 2013

'Til Death Do Us Part by B.C Doyle Feature

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Book Description:

Mary Jane never knew what life consisted of beyond taking care of her dying Aunt Eden. But when her aunt made a dying wish for Mary to visit a mansion she’d lived at prior to her cancer, Mary found herself in the center of a whole different world. Even her best friend Lucas has hidden the future to come in hopes that Mary could win eternity with him forever.
Bound to her dying aunt’s life, Mary had to make a deal with the king in order to compete against ten other girls for the chance at the grand prize; immortality. If she didn’t accept the terms of the king, Mary would perish at seventeen. If she did choose to compete for immortality, Mary could spend the rest of her life with Lucas.
No matter what, her aunt would die.
Will Mary choose to compete for immortality? Or will she perish alongside her aunt?
Author Bio:
Barbara C. Doyle started her journey into the author world at the age of sixteen. Her debut novel ‘Til Death Do Us Part marked her first endeavor into her writing career, setting the path into further success. When she isn't writing, she works six days a week as a housekeeper at Lake N’ Pines Motel in Upstate New York as well as writes for the local newspaper. Born with a passion for writing, she continues to work hard to accomplish her biggest dream; becoming a best selling author!

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