Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Entwined with You by Sylvia Day Review

What can I say...
Gideon just never disappoints!
Wow!  Sylvia Day did it again... 5+ stars from me.

The love story continues right where book two left off. Gideon is in a predicament, forcing his and Eva's relationship to be kept a secret. They cannot stand to be apart from one another, so he decides to become her next door neighbor. After time passes and struggles are dealt with... they can finally reveal their big news. 
The love in this book is breathtaking, the romance is sexy as hell, and the progress they make in their relationship is huge! I love how the Author keeps things fresh. The way she throws in characters and adds to the suspense is fabulous. I could not ask for a better book. I am infatuated with Gideon and have been since page one of book one. I could only hope book 4 will be released soon... Because I honestly cannot wait to see where Sylvia takes Gideon and Eva!~
My Dream Cast

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