Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Letters from Korea by Joan Leotta (Author Feature)

Does Sal love Gina as little sister or romantically?

Book description:
WWII veteran Sal, signs up to honor his country by serving in the Korean conflict as well. After all, he has no wife or sweetheart depending on him--or does he? Just as he is about to leave for Korea he realizes his feelings for Gina, the younger sister of old friends, is more than "brotherly." He wants to keep their relationship going but is afraid to reveal the new depth of his feelings to her in his letters. Back at home, Gina is struggling with a new job, in a new city, living with her cousins.
She is definitely in love with Sal and is frustrated by his seeming lack of deeper feelings for her. Should she try to make him jealous by writing to him about a boy she has met through her new job? Will that spur Sal into admitting deeper feelings for her? But wait, what about his letter about a woman he's met in Korea?
Is that woman a rival? When there is an explosion at Sal's duty station, feelings explode as well. All of the family we met in Giulia Goes to War (Book One of Legacy of Honor,series set during WWII) weigh in with advice. Is it good advice?
You'll find out when you read, Letters from Korea?

Gina was concerned. She hadn't received a letter for some days, longer than the usual interval. Carmie told her not to worry, but Gina worried all the same.Perhaps she had gone too far in telling Sal about Matt. Gina's thoughts shifted to the problem of Matt's excessive interest in her. He still sent a daily bouquet of flowers to her desk. Gina hadn't gone out with him again and tried to avoid him in the halls. On Monday, on the way in to work, Gina resolved to write to Sal, as soon as she could. "I'll make it a nice newsy letter with no mention of Matt," she told Carmie.
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Meet the Author:
Joan Leotta has been writing and performing since childhood. Her “motto” is Encouraging words through pen and performance.” Her newest work, Giulia Goes to War is book one of a four part series, Legacy of Honor, that traces the women of a family and how they find love and independence from WWII era through the Desert Storm era. Her other books include Massachusetts (Scholastic), Christmas Gift (Warner), Complete Guide to the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia (Norton) and Tales Through Time: Women of the South (an anthology of short historic fiction co-authored with Edith Edwards, published by Lulu). She is working on the second book in the Desert Breeze Legacy of Honor series, Letters From Korea. Her poetry has been published in many journals and has won several awards over the years as have her short stories (both for children and in mystery genre.
Joan’s articles, short stories, poetry and photography have appeared in many newspapers and magazines including the Washington Post and Woman’s Day, Crimestalker, and St Anthony’s Messenger and OMDB.com. She performs folklore shows and one-woman shows on Civil War and Revolutionary war figures at venues up and down the east coast from schools and libraries to museums, fairs and festivals. Joan also teaches writing, creativity, and storytelling for children and adults. She lives in Calabash, NC with husband Joe. You can see her schedule at Joan Leotta, Author and Performer on FB and contact her to speak to your group at joanleotta@atmc.net.

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