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Author Candice Terry Feature

Meet Author Candice Terry...

Author Bio:
Candice lives in Laurel, Mississippi with her husband and energetic toddler. When she's not chasing her son around she runs her photography business or is stuck in front of her computer pounding out stories. Her first short story was published March 2013.

Learn more about the Candice at her pages...
Books by the Author:
Come Back to Me
Short Story

After meeting the girl next door, Jayse can't stay away from AnaLee. As High School approaches feelings start to change and grow into more than friendship. He can't help but wonder if AnaLee feels the same.

AnaLee has always loved Jayse but when other girls start paying attention to him, she doesn't know what to do. Does he ever see her as more than a friend?

When tragedy suddenly strikes, Jayse and AnaLee will be forced to test the strength of their bond and see if love really conquers all...even in death

Book Links:
Light Him Up
Short Story

Krischa thought she'd found the perfect guy the night the hot dark haired blue eyed stranger walked into the club only to find out she may have met the devil himself. After 10 years of being used and abused Krischa decides she can't let her life end this way and it might be time to show him just how dangerous an angry southern woman can be.

*WARNING* This book contain graphic sexual content,violence and some strong language. If you find any of the above offensive this book may not be for you.

Book Links:



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Untangle Me by Chelle Bliss Author Feature

Untangle Me by Chelle Bliss
Expected Release- Oct. 1, 2013
Kayden is a bad boy that never played by the rules. Sophia has always been the quintessential good girl, living a life filled with disappointment. Everything changes when their lives become intertwined through a chance encounter online.
Hundreds of miles separate them, but the connection that draws them together is too much to be denied. As the layers of their lives peel back, Kayden keeps the dangerous parts of his past hidden to protect the woman who is becoming more important to him than he should allow. What starts as a pursuit of carnal pleasure turns into a complicated love story. His past is a tangled web filled with addiction, an obsessed ex-girlfriend, and problems with the law.
One mistake he thought he left behind may end up ruining it all.
Add this book to your TBR list:

For more info head over to the Author's Page...

Demon at My Door by Michelle A. Valentine Review

Demon at My Door
by Michelle A. Valentine

Book Description:Gothic outcast Natalie Sugarman bartered her soul for her dying mother’s life sixteen years ago to a boy demon that could stop time. Now, days before her twenty-first birthday, the lifelines on her palms are slowly vanishing, and she knows it’s just a matter of time before Satan’s little helper collects.

Natalie's tried numerous times to kill the demon and regain control of her soul’s destiny, but she always falls short. When she decides to try and gain the element of surprise for her next attempt, Natalie seeks answers about his location from a freaky, glowing-eyed fortuneteller. Creeped out by the psychic’s methods, she bolts from the reading and misses the warning that the demon who stole her soul is always closer than she thinks.

After some strange incidents with her new boyfriend, including a hot, levitating sex session, she realizes he’s the grown-up version of her little nightmare and he’s returned to collect on their deal. Natalie must figure out how to win her soul back from the demon before her lifeline completely disappears and she becomes his forever—even if that means making a deal to damn three other souls to take her place.
*Demon At My Door is a New Adult Paranormal Romance with very mature scenes*
My Thoughts:
This was the best paranormal romance I have read this year!
5 out 5 stars 
Absolutely worth the read. From the moment I started, I couldn't put it down.
The storyline was unique & the characters were likeable.
Natalie is a young woman that tends to lean towards the goth side... That is until her sister takes her for a makeover. In her new prep clothes she feels different and it it is a good different.
Natalie made a deal with a demon for her mother's life when she was a young girl. She occasionally sees the demon take souls from others. Now that her life lines are disappearing she has to find away to change her fate.
When a new guy shows up at school a friendship is formed and a new relationship is on the verge. Little does she know the new guy is also her Demon.
 I can't tell you enough how much I loved this book. The Author's writing style was flawless and there was sexiness mixed in with the darkness!

Highly Recommend~

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Undescribable by Shantel Tessier Blog Tour

Title: Undescribable
Author: Shantel Tessier

Buy Links:
Book Synopsis:
Samantha Hall needs a fresh start
Broken hearted and alone in a new city, Samantha begins to build a new life for herself while working as a bartender. Focusing on her new friends and rebuilding her broken life, Samantha is content.
Until she meets him – attorney by day and a cocky, foul mouth playboy by night.
All girls want Slade Long, but not one has ever been able to keep his attention for long. Having a different woman in his bed every night is how he prefers it-no emotion, no connection.
Until he meets her – an angel with the sweetest voice he has ever heard and the most enticing green eyes. Samantha makes him second guess his actions and has him wanting something he didn’t know existed. How can a man who has never been in love, be so sure? Can real love happen this fast?
Burned by her past, Samantha struggles to keep up with the overwhelming passion she feels for Slade. She knows that he will be nothing but trouble to her already fragile heart, but how long can she continue to deny the love that she feels for him?
Will Samantha let Slade prove his love is real, or will she push him away?
She thought she knew love……
He thought he never wanted love…..
Together they will show each other what they can’t live without.

About the Author:
Shantel is a Texas born girl who now lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma with her high school sweetheart, and their three year old little princess. She considers herself extremely lucky to be a stay at home wife and mother. When she’s not reading or writing, she spends her time with family and friends.

Find more about Shantel!

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The Future of Our Past by Kahlen Aymes Review


Julia Abbot and Ryan Matthews have been inseparable best friends since the moment they met. Each of them fight an internal battle unwilling to risk their incredible friendship but unable to quell their deep longing for the other. On the verge of his departure to medical school and to her new job on the opposite coast, Ryan and Julia are forced to face the undeniable truth of their deeper feelings.

My Thoughts:
3.5 out 5 stars

WARNING: This book leaves you with a huge cliffhanger...

I  just finished this book and I am at a loss for words. It left me completely distraught.
This cliffhanger is like no other and even chapter 1 of book 2 won't answer your questions.

Besides the cliffhanger this book was pretty good. It had a strong storyline with likeable characters. Ryan is a sexy young man who is attending Med school and Julia is a beautiful young woman who is working at a Fashion magazine. Together they have decided to take their friendship to the next level.

Throughout the book they live a long distance relationship with a couple visits a year. Each visit is unique and shows what a strong bond they share. The romance is intense and the sex scenes are hot.... I just felt it was a little too lovey dovey for my liking. There were too many mushy words and they came off as obsessed with one another. I would have liked to see trouble within the relationship. Whether it be a hook up or mixed feelings... just something to kick it up a notch.

The Author did bring in some drama, but sadly the book came to an end shortly after leaving us all with questions.

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Summer Author Blitz- Author Ashley Nemer Guest Post

Welcome Author Ashley Nemer to the Blog...

Ashley is married and lives in Houston with her husband Tony. They have two dogs, Toto and Doogie. They have been together for over 8 and a 1/2 years and he brings her more joy than she could ever imagine as a child. She loves to read and has been hooked on the romance genre ever since her lifelong best friend Laura gave her "Ashes to Ashes' by Tami Hoag to read when they were younger.

Ashley finds her strength through her family, especially her parents. They always support her in life; they push her to strive for greatness. There once was a motto that Ashley heard in her youth through her Taekwondo life 'Reach for the Stars' and that is what Ashley has always done. It was through her upbringing that the values Ashley has and displays come from. With her parents always cheering her on in life she was able to grow up having faith in herself and her ability to conquer the world.

Author Pages:

A note from the Author:

There is a special magic that an artist uses when they create something from nothing. Why do I call it magic? Because, what else would you call creating entire worlds out of thin air, painting breathtaking silhouettes, building pieces that can hold hundreds of pounds on one square inch? Magic.
Magic is making the impossible happen and that’s what artists do on a daily basis. We come in many shapes, sizes and forms. Some more obvious than others. I’m sitting before you, an artist exposed to the world. Each and every artist puts their blood sweat and tears into the works that we give you, our audience. Not everyone understands when a writer might day, “I feel exposed, people reading my works.” What I mean is, we leave a piece of us with each work we do.
For example, my novels that I write are fictitious of course, but those who know me will recognize that there are elements in each and every character, story line or random aspects of these novels that depict a facet of Ashley. Our creations are always going to be a part of us, even when we don’t realize it.
I think that’s what I love so much about writing, it often times feels like a journey of self-discovery. I am a amazed at how many times I have read a passage, chapter or book that I wrote and at the end thought, “Wow, there I am. On those pages.” I don’t intentionally do it, but it just happens. Almost like it’s mean to be.
I’ve read and heard from others that you will write what you know. That makes sense to me because what do I know better than myself? Different memories might flash through my mind while a scene is being laid out and somehow that memory gets portrayed in the black and white pages of my manuscripts.
A good example of that happening is in a scene with King Tamman and Princess Nikole inside of Blood Yellow. Nikole wants to quit, she’s ready to give up and her father doesn’t let her. He tells her Kadin’s never quit. I remember that scene, when I was writing it. I was looking at a photograph of me in my Taekwondo outfit and I thought back to when I needed a pep talk from my father. I was ready to throw in the towel and he kept pushing me to succeed. While my experience and Nikole’s experience and Ashley’s experience weren’t the same, the feeling we each took from our fathers was.
For me, that’s how I see myself inside the pages of the stories I create. The emotions that are brought to the surface when you read my world. I think it helps me bring some believability to my stories when in reality, there are no vampires, Algula don’t exist and while yes Zahle, Lebanon burned to the ground, it did not house a whole race of warriors descended from the Gods.
So that’s a little bit of me and why I feel we are all magicians.
Featured Book:
The Art of Safkhet Presents
The Blood Series

Blood Yellow (Book Two)
The lines are drawn, and Zayn and Nikole must face each other in a battle of forgiveness and power; each attempting to right their wrongs, each battling their own inner demons.
Haydar and Leigh prepare for war, rounding their men and setting into motion courses that cannot be undone.
The tales will fall in line as the four of them come face to face with each other, and they will watch loved ones perish.
When the dust settles and dawn breaks, who's going to be left standing and who will be missing? Will Nikole forgive Zayn for his betrayal? Will Leigh and Haydar overcome their differences? Will Adara say yes?
Blood Yellow...Because the stories only just begun....
Will be Available in Print and E-book Formats
Chapter Seven – Blood Yellow
Nasir watched as they wheeled Adara into the emergency room with Zayn following close behind. He knew this was going to be hard on the couple. They had a flimsy relationship at best. He didn’t know what would happen at the end of the day, the staff was being very tight lipped about Adara’s condition. No one would say if she was going to lose the baby; if she did, gods help them with how Zayn would take that news.
Nasir knew he needed to call Nikole. That wasn’t going to go well. She would be furious she hadn’t been the first one notified. He paused marginally before pulling out his cell phone. No one liked delivering bad news, especially not to an on-edge, pissed off royal Algula. He started to dial her number but stopped when he heard Zayn commanding orders at the medical doctors. He slipped his phone back in his pocket as he ran into the emergency room.
“Zayn, what happened?!?” Nasir asked as he rushed through the double doors to find Zayn shouting at the doctor.
“He said I can’t be in there as they examine her. I told him that’s unacceptable. I am his King, and I order it.” Zayn roared out to Nasir as he pushed through to the exam room.
The doctor and Nasir looked at each other in silence. They both realized there was no stopping Zayn when he was like this. The doctor accepted this and went back into the room to finish the evaluation on Adara. Nasir stepped back into the waiting room and he pulled out his cell phone. He dialed Nikole’s number and hoped she was in a better mood than her Akh.
He let it ring a few times, and then heard her pick up the phone. “Nikole, you need to come to the hospital quick. There has been an accident and Adara is in trouble.” He heard the anger immediately in the tone of her voice.
“What do you mean an accident? Where are you? Is she hurt badly? You should have called me sooner. When did this happen?” She bellowed through the phone.
He didn’t want to tell her it was Zayn; that would hurt her too badly without knowing the full story. “Well someone showed up at her apartment and there was some sort of fight, the details are still a bit hazy. She is unconscious at the moment, but the doctors think she is going to be fine. I’ll tell you more when you get here. Please come quickly.” He took a moment to pause, catching his breath when she came back at him.
“Nasir, what are you not telling me?”
He can’t tell her. Not like this….”Please, just show up soon.”

Be sure to check out book one- Blood Purple!


In a world we think we know, live other races entirely hidden from the mortal perspective. Creatures of legend, of fable and myth, their very history and nature have allowed them to walk side by side with humans since time immemorial. They are warriors, they are hunters, and they are Algula. Vampire. And in their own midst, a battle is brewing for supremacy, for dominance, that can and will affect all around them. Old hatred never dies and vengeance is a fiery sword that cuts a bloody swath.

Will be Available in Print and E-book formats


Other Books by the Author:


Bare Assets by M.L. Stephens Cover Reveal

Bare Assets

by M. L. Stephens
(Release date: 8-05-2013)
Book Blurb:

With nothing but shattered dreams and a busted heart to fuel the way, Angela Fletcher drove out of Arkansas and never looked back.

Six years later, the new and improved version of the girl she used to be steered clear of romance, love and late night promises. The only pillow talk Angela engaged in these days, was making sure the person on the other pillow knew to lose her number as soon as he left the bed. She only had room for one love in her life and that was Bare Assets, the gentleman's club she poured her heart and soul into.

Dean Murray was the devil in disguise and had left behind enough broken hearted women to populate a small country. Angela would know. She was an expert markswoman who was skillfully self-trained at shooting down the good, the bad and the ugly of all masculine targets. After all, as the owner of the most successful strip club in Dallas, Texas, it was her business to know men.

Just as she begins to fall for Dean's silky words and passionate ways, her past and present unexpectedly collide and a meticulously planned future turns into unpredictable chaos. Is the smooth talking, denim wearing devil responsible for the chaos? Or have the secrets she left buried in Arkansas, coming back to haunt her?

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Love and Relativity by Rachael Wade Review


Love, life, and happily ever after? It’s all relative.

Marine biology student Emma Pierce lives in paradise—geographically speaking, anyway. Stranded on Sanibel Island, Florida, she works at a nursing home by day and spends her nights dodging the island's infamous bad boy, Jackson Taylor, at her favorite karaoke bar. Trying to heal from the loss of her sister and a failed relationship she rerouted her life for, she's ready to graduate and finally leave Florida behind.

When a run-in with Jackson and his rowdy crew goes sour at the bar one night, sparks fly and irreversible damage is done. It’s no secret that Jackson loves to get underneath her skin, but this time he's gone too far. Now all he wants is to earn her forgiveness before she's gone for good, but their ideas of closure—and the future—are enough to keep them worlds apart.

My Review:
4.5 out of 5
This book will break your heart and make you fall in love all at the same time. The storyline is beautiful, yet tragic. It will suck you in from the beginning and have you wanting more at the end. I was really impressed with the Author's writing. It had a great flow with just the right amount of details.
The characters were perfect! I loved Jackson and Emma and the relationship they shared. Their love was all consuming and intoxicating! Even when they were mad at each other, there was still a connection. What made the characters so special was that they were both broken in their own way. Jackson lost his mother and Emma lost her sister. Together they coped with their loses and completed one another.
We can't forget the sex scenes. HOLY HOTNESS! Each scene was different and each one was sexy as hell!
The ending is the best ending I have ever read...
I found myself in tears! I love how the Author tied up this story.
It was beautiful and perfect .<3
My only complaint .... I would have liked to read more about Emma's marine biology classes.

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Sharing Harper by V. Murphy Author Feature

A pain too hard to understand.

A struggle too deep to reach.

A love too complicated to work…but too intense to let go.

Harper Mae ran as far away as she could from her abusive past. She went to a different city and numbed her pain by using men, never sleeping with the same guy more than once.

Ryder worked at a coffee shop trying blend in with the rest of the world, desperately trying to live a normal life. After leaving a relationship and losing his family, he vowed never to fall in love again.

Until one day they are unexpectedly drawn to each other unable to let go.

Harper and Ryder’s turbulent relationship, two people who are struggling to find themselves, realize the answer lies within each other.

Secrets, so deep, that both have, end up surfacing causing irrevocable pain.

Will their love be strong enough to survive or will their pain be the downfall to their relationship?

Will Harper open up enough to share her past with Ryder or will he be just another number on her list?

Quote from the book: "It was so easy to be someone else when you don't know who you are."

Buy Links:

Meet the Author:
Her name is V. Murphy and she loves everything about reading (some may call her a bibliophile). She is a current graduate from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and heading out west to live the California dream while pursuing her masters degree in school counseling at the University of San Diego. You can find her writing in a Panera, small coffeeshop or on campus. When she is not spending her time in school or reading, she loves to write, bake and shop.


Author Links:

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The Last Boyfriend by J.S. Cooper Review

Amazing Romance!!
5 out 5 stars

Lucky Morgan has had her share of heartbreak. She is devastated when her boyfriend dumps her after sleeping with him and she vows to herself that she won't be used again. She decides that the next guy she dates and sleeps with, will be her one true love.

Zane Beaumont is the mysterious and snooty guy that comes into her diner every Friday night with a different girl. He's the type of guy she's learned to avoid: carefree, fast, handsome, rich, and sarcastic. Unfortunately, she can't stop thinking about the devilish gleam in his eyes.

When Lucky's car breaks down one night after a party, it is Zane who comes to her rescue. As Zane attempts to sweep Lucky off of her feet, she soon realizes that nothing is as it seems and that Zane may very well be the guy for whom she changes the rules. That is until she meets Braydon.

"I wanted him. It was as simple as that. I was willing to deal with the heartache."

                                                 Buy Link:

My Review:

It starts with Lucky, a young woman, working as a waitress. Each friday she observes the rich, sexy Zane from a distance. She watches as he talks with his flavor of the week, yearning to be near him. It wasn't until a party that they both took their casual relationship to the next level. A proposition is made and Lucky is forced to make a decision. A decision that could change her life forever.
....Ahh! Holy hotness. This book was everything I hoped for and more. It had a great storyline with awesome characters. Zane is a rich, hot man! He also has a broken side and keeps women at a distance. Lucky is a young woman that knows what she wants.  She made a list in hope of finding her "Last Boyfriend". Together they are quite the pair. They fight, kiss, fight, love, and in the end... find that they need one another.
The romance in this book was sexy, but not too much. The Author wrote the sexy scenes to perfection. There was want and desire, but also passion and intimacy. What can I say ...?
I loved it!
I cannot wait to see where the Author takes these characters next!

Angela Graham's Romance Poll Giveaway

I am so excited to share this awesome giveaway with you all...
There are some fantastic prizes
& the poll is so much fun!!

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Haven from the Storm by Sarah Dosher Review

A book of fiction and brutal reality all tangled together...

“If you’re going to make me cry, at least be there to wipe away the tears…”

Most were asleep in their beds the night Lily Grace’s entire world was ripped apart, leaving only darkness and torment in its place. The only remaining person she depended on abandoned her without a second thought…or so that’s what Lily has believed for the past four years.

Dean Haven has returned for one reason—to win Lily’s love again. He’s already broken her heart because of the demons that haunt him. Can his desire for Lily keep him from succumbing to those demons again?

Dean has no idea what awaits him when he tries to fight his way back into Lily’s life. Everything he remembers has changed, including Lily.

Is love enough when you’re forced to weather the storms life has blown your way?

My Review:
This book left me emotionally shattered! 
                         5 out 5 stars

From the moment I opened page one I was consumed by Lily's life. Each time she went home I prayed that her father wasn't there. With each word I read I had an emotional reaction. The story was so beautifully written. The way the Author described Lily showed how broken, yet strong she was.

 I loved the storyline  and how it was not only fiction, but had bits of reality too. The romance was charming. Dean and Lily's relationship was complicated and showed how tough love can be. It is was so sweet to watch their feelings grow for one another. Not to mention the sexy parts were HOT!

The abuse parts were raw and  intense... I'm not going to lie I found myself biting my nails & crying throughout these tough parts. My heart went out to Lily and I just wanted her to admit that her father was the reason she had the bruises. 

Overall the book was fabulous. It brought so much to the table. There was a lesson, suspense, romance, action, dissapointment, and happiness. I would defintely recommend this one to everyone!

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Letters from Korea by Joan Leotta (Author Feature)

Does Sal love Gina as little sister or romantically?

Book description:
WWII veteran Sal, signs up to honor his country by serving in the Korean conflict as well. After all, he has no wife or sweetheart depending on him--or does he? Just as he is about to leave for Korea he realizes his feelings for Gina, the younger sister of old friends, is more than "brotherly." He wants to keep their relationship going but is afraid to reveal the new depth of his feelings to her in his letters. Back at home, Gina is struggling with a new job, in a new city, living with her cousins.
She is definitely in love with Sal and is frustrated by his seeming lack of deeper feelings for her. Should she try to make him jealous by writing to him about a boy she has met through her new job? Will that spur Sal into admitting deeper feelings for her? But wait, what about his letter about a woman he's met in Korea?
Is that woman a rival? When there is an explosion at Sal's duty station, feelings explode as well. All of the family we met in Giulia Goes to War (Book One of Legacy of Honor,series set during WWII) weigh in with advice. Is it good advice?
You'll find out when you read, Letters from Korea?

Gina was concerned. She hadn't received a letter for some days, longer than the usual interval. Carmie told her not to worry, but Gina worried all the same.Perhaps she had gone too far in telling Sal about Matt. Gina's thoughts shifted to the problem of Matt's excessive interest in her. He still sent a daily bouquet of flowers to her desk. Gina hadn't gone out with him again and tried to avoid him in the halls. On Monday, on the way in to work, Gina resolved to write to Sal, as soon as she could. "I'll make it a nice newsy letter with no mention of Matt," she told Carmie.
Purchasing Link:, also at kindle and nook

Meet the Author:
Joan Leotta has been writing and performing since childhood. Her “motto” is Encouraging words through pen and performance.” Her newest work, Giulia Goes to War is book one of a four part series, Legacy of Honor, that traces the women of a family and how they find love and independence from WWII era through the Desert Storm era. Her other books include Massachusetts (Scholastic), Christmas Gift (Warner), Complete Guide to the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia (Norton) and Tales Through Time: Women of the South (an anthology of short historic fiction co-authored with Edith Edwards, published by Lulu). She is working on the second book in the Desert Breeze Legacy of Honor series, Letters From Korea. Her poetry has been published in many journals and has won several awards over the years as have her short stories (both for children and in mystery genre.
Joan’s articles, short stories, poetry and photography have appeared in many newspapers and magazines including the Washington Post and Woman’s Day, Crimestalker, and St Anthony’s Messenger and She performs folklore shows and one-woman shows on Civil War and Revolutionary war figures at venues up and down the east coast from schools and libraries to museums, fairs and festivals. Joan also teaches writing, creativity, and storytelling for children and adults. She lives in Calabash, NC with husband Joe. You can see her schedule at Joan Leotta, Author and Performer on FB and contact her to speak to your group at

Contact the Author:

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Loving Liberty by Belinda Boring Review

This book will make you
appreciate life and all the choices it brings....
Liberty Montgomery is many things:
A dutiful daughter.
Perfect wife-in-training.
Easy to manipulate.

But secretly she wants more.

For years, Liberty has dreamed of a life filled with opportunities—a life where she makes the decisions, living by her own rules. Unfortunately, her parents have other plans for her, ones that involve her submission and total obedience. Every attempt to break free from their control is met with threats, leaving her feeling trapped. Just when all seems hopeless, Liberty meets Oliver Nichols. With just two words, be brave, he stirs up her secret longings for more . . . friendship, fun, and independence. He almost has her believing her dreams are possible.

However, taking a stand can be terrifying when you’ve spent your entire life pleasing others. Are some chances worth taking? What would she risk for freedom?
Buy Links:

My Review:

Wow! I just finished this book and I am completely blown away by the utter rawness the Author brings to the table. From the moment I opened the book I was sucked in and living Liberty's life.
The book is about a young woman who is controlled by her family. She is stuck going to fancy parties and has all decisions made for her.... including a husband. When Andrew "the one -per her parents" takes her on a date and controls every aspect, she knows it is time to escape the brutal reality that is her life. She meets Oliver who brings out her brave side and urges her to stick up for what she believes in. Through struggles she learns that standing up for herself isn't as easy as one would think.
I cannot tell you how much emotion was felt while reading this book. I actually found myself wanting to scream at times.... My heart hurt for Liberty and all that she went through each day. It was amazing how the romance was her hope and Oliver was her happ
iness. I loved the dates and how real each one was. The connection they shared was genuine and not at all over the top. Just the way I like it!
I would definitely recommend this book to all readers, but please keep in mind... this isn't your typical romance. There is a lesson to be learned and an emotional story to be told.

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Inevitable by Angela Graham Promo/Giveaway

After experiencing a humiliating breakup, twenty-two-year-old Cassandra Clarke is fresh out of college and living a simple solitary life without any intentions of pursuing love anytime soon.

When the estate next door sells, the last thing Cassandra expects is the unnerving attraction she feels for her sinfully handsome neighbor, Logan West, the young and charming single father with a playboy reputation.

It’s through Oliver, Logan’s four-year-old son, who keeps popping up in her childhood tree house, that she slowly begins to catch glimpses of the compassionate and wounded man Logan has hidden beneath his strong exterior.

Cassandra knows it's wrong and that she's heading for another heartbreak.
Logan will never be able to give her what she wants…love.

Be sure to watch the Book Trailer...

Vanilla or chocolate?

Liquor or beer?
Liquor mixed with something.

Coke or pepsi?
Coke but grew up on Pepsi
Edward or Jakob?Edward all the way!
Rap or country?
Hard one depends on mood but I'd say country
Mind reading or time traveling?
Time traveling so much to see...

Tattoos or piercings?
Piercings sexy and removable
Military man or business man?
My hubby is military and looks gorgeous in his uniform!
Boxers, Boxer Briefs, or tighty whiteys ;)?
Boxer briefs for sure..
Handcuffs or whips?
In bed... naughty or nice?
We can't go without bringing in my men....
Joe Manganiello or Alex Pettyfer?
Joe is a hottie!
Thanks Angela for taking the time to answer our questions!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway