Tuesday, April 15, 2014

My Thoughts on Returning Books...

I have seen a lot of posts going back and forth with thoughts on returns.
My feelings on this situation differ from others, I'm sure. Reason being... I rarely buy ebooks. I think I could count on both hands how many I have purchased in the past 2 years. When I purchase an ebook it is strictly to support the Author, therefore I have no reason to return.
Since I buy most books in paperback each trip to the bookstore is risky business. I read the synopsis, a few pages, and leave with no thoughts of returning. *Hell* I didn't even know you could return books to a bookstore until recently. I guess you could call me old fashioned, but if I pick a book that sucks... that is on me. I don't blame the Author, I don't return, I simply place it on my shelf or put it in the box to be donated/sold.
Now it may be different, but I look at shopping for ebooks the same way. All ebooks have a synopsis and most ebooks have a sample on Amazon, read them. Once you do that I see no reason to return. If you want to leave a review speaking your thoughts, by all means do so. I think that is the best way to get your feelings out. Plus, it helps other readers decide if they would enjoy the book.
When you think about all the time put into a book and look at the price you pay for an ebook ... it makes no sense. The Authors are giving you a deal!  Be appreciative and put it on yourself when you pick a sucky book.
With all that being said... Authors that openly complain about returns on their fan pages look very unprofessional. Writing is your career and the readers are your supporters. I am sure you have many more readers keeping your books, than returning... why not focus on them.
Everyone has their right to choose what they want to do in the end. There are people who return a book that sucks, more power to them (I wouldn't do it) and there are people who return a book that they enjoy just to get it for free (Disgusting). The problem is... no one will ever know what those returns were for. However, all the sales, rankings, and income coming in shows that people are enjoying your book/books. Celebrate the sales/support and let the negative shit behind.

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