Monday, March 9, 2015

Lone Wolf Rising by Jami Brumfield

Book 1 in the Winters Saga Series begins with Lone Wolf Rising
Revenge has deadly consequences. Seventeen year old Rebecca Winters’ main goal for ten years has been to graduate high school and take down the people who killed her parents. When she stumbled upon a werewolf pack in the middle of Phoenix, she knew she’d found a way to make her dream come true. Instead of getting vengeance, an act of war has put her into a position of power and forces her to put her thirst for family justice on a temporary hold.
He is duty bound to protect her. Lucian (Lucky) Lamont is a member of the Protectors, an elite supernatural police force who works for the Authority. Their main goal is to keep humans in the dark about the creatures who live among them. Lucky is assigned to protect and manage Rebecca, despite her refusal of help. His cover is simple; he poses as the dutiful ‘pretend’ boyfriend in order to keep an eye on the new alpha wolf.
She is his mate.
Gabriel Black though taking his pack back from the witch who was chosen as the new alpha would be simple. He thought wrong. His entire world was turned upside down the moment he met Rebecca at the Authority Council meeting…and he was hooked the moment he kissed her to prove she wasn’t dating his best friend, Lucky.
It’s like being torn between two lovers.
Rebecca is pulled in hundreds of different directions while she attempts to find a way to survive the supernatural world, protect her family, and discover who massacred her entire pack days before her first transformation. She doesn’t have time for romance.
But the heart wants what the heart wants.
And the wolf gets what the wolf wants – or so her alpha believes. While Rebecca manages to keep her head above water as she unlocks political and family secrets which could destroy her, she loses sight of the most important people in her life and one of them pays the ultimate price.

4/5 Stars


Be prepared to get sucked into a world filled with paranormal creatures, lots of suspense, and two HOT book boyfriends!

This is a story about a girl turning werewolf and finding out she is the new Alpha. With that comes tough decisions, intense training, and two guys of the opposite nature battling for her heart. One a dark and brooding werewolf, The other a sweet, protective guardian. Her Alpha likes one, she likes the other and the deeper she is sucked into her new world, the more conflicted she becomes. The only thing she knows for sure is that her family comes first.

I really enjoyed this story a lot. It had many unique twists and turns that kept me turning the pages. The love triangle was the romance I desired. While, I usually can choose a team to be on, this one threw me for a loop. I LOVED Gabriel, but Lucky was also so sweet it was hard for me to not like him. I think I secretly want Savannah and Lucky to end up together and Rebecca with Gabriel. They just seem like the perfect pairs.

Overall, Lone Wolf Rising was really good! It was different and the characters and their secrets sucked me in. I wanted to know how everything was going to unfold and I was hoping to see who ended up with who. However, if I'm being honest... The beginning was a bit slow and I did skim some of it. I found that at times it was too wordy. Yes, the details helped me picture the story in my mind, but they also tugged at my connection to the plot. I like a fast paced easy read... This one was a bit slower because the Author tries to paint a vivid picture of the unique world. I know some people like this, but for me I like less detail and more action.
The second half was definitely where the story picked up and earned the 4 stars. It was faster paced and became hard for me to put down.
There was a hint of a cliffhanger, but it just made me crave the next book in the series.

I recommend it to all readers who enjoy paranormal romance. 

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