Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Paper Hearts by Meg Wiviott

A novel in verse, Paper Hearts is the story of survivial, defiance, and friendship. Based on historical events about a group of girls who were slave laborers at the munitions factory in Auschwitz.


This was a poignant tale about survival, fear, hope, and friendship. Emotions seeped from the pages and deep rooted sympathy filled my soul. 

It was about two girls that ended up at Auschwitz and found friendship in one another. Vlatka and Fania were pulled from their homes and sent to a work camp filled with ugly hatred and brutal punishment. Both lost family and both craved freedom. Together they protected one another and helped instill hope in their hearts. Vlatka found strength in her purple blouse that cost a whole days ration and Fania found strength in a paper heart filled with encouragement. Both pieces were banned, but both girls would not let go. In the end it was the simple things, friendship, and bravery that carried them home. 

My heart was truly touched by this book. I found the brutality to be inspiring. It really made me feel appreciative and blessed for the most simple of things. I looked at my pen and paper completely differently. It no longer was just a piece of tree and an ink cylinder. It was a sliver of hope and power. A way to tell a historic story that should be shouted from the rooftops. I found the words insightful and important. I wanted to jump into the story and wrap my arms around the girls. I wanted to tell them how brave they were and how inspiring their story was. To know this was based on a true story just makes it that much more enthralling. I highly recommend it to every reader. This is a piece of history we should immerse ourselves in in order to always be reminded of how truly blessed we are...

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