Friday, June 17, 2016

The Darkest Part of the Forest by Holly Black

Children can have a cruel, absolute sense of justice. Children can kill a monster and feel quite proud of themselves. A girl can look at her brother and believe they’re destined to be a knight and a bard who battle evil. She can believe she’s found the thing she’s been made for.

Hazel lives with her brother, Ben, in the strange town of Fairfold where humans and fae exist side by side. The faeries’ seemingly harmless magic attracts tourists, but Hazel knows how dangerous they can be, and she knows how to stop them. Or she did, once.

At the center of it all, there is a glass coffin in the woods. It rests right on the ground and in it sleeps a boy with horns on his head and ears as pointed as knives. Hazel and Ben were both in love with him as children. The boy has slept there for generations, never waking.

Until one day, he does…

As the world turns upside down, Hazel tries to remember her years pretending to be a knight. But swept up in new love, shifting loyalties, and the fresh sting of betrayal, will it be enough?



Fairies, suspense, mystery, magical scenery, romance, and bada$$ characters.... What more do you need?

I was so impressed with this book... Fey aren't usually my go to subject, but gosh from page one I was swept away to this dangerous world with magical creatures and lush landscape. I didn't want to close the book. The characters were tough, honorable, and fun and the plot was a twisty little mind f.

It's about a brother and sister that live in a town where monsters lurk in the shadows and a horned boy lives in a glass casket. Both of them love the so called Prince and when he breaks free of his glass prison, they make it their duty to find him. Quickly they are pulled into his world and left with many problems to solve. Each one has their own secrets though so between the lies, lust, and danger they try to figure out who they are and what lies in their pasts.

The story was fast paced and the suspense was nail biting. I loved the creepy feel and was consumed by all of the unique characters. Not to mention, there were two romances! Two absolutely edible romances that were quirky yet intimate. 

It's a YA read, but is totally suitable for adults. The writing is mature with swearing and sex talk. It was the perfect blend of young adult and high fantasy. I highly recommend it. 

I'm off to buy more from this Author now...

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