Monday, September 9, 2013

Jalpa Williby Author Feature

Welcome Author Jalpa Williby to the Blog...


Life…secrecy, deceit, danger…No, no! Run, escape!

“Run!” Her inner voice is shouting. She has to run faster! She’s about to get caught! No, no! She has to get away. Please, she must escape!

“Run faster!”
As long as Tess Sanoby can remember, she has always had the same nightmares, where the girl in her dreams is running for her life with an unknown force chasing her. Each time, right before the girl is caught, Tess awakens, shaken with fear and confusion. Who is the girl? What do these dreams mean?
Getting through the growing pains of high school with her best friends Jack and Kylie, and then being accepted into her dream college, Tess is excited to start her life of independence. There, she meets the mysterious trainer and mentor, Chris, and she instantly feels a strong connection with him. Unfortunately, Chris wants nothing to do with her. Although Chris continues to give her the cold shoulder, his overprotectiveness and the occasional slips of sensitivity confuse Tess. Not understanding Chris or their relationship, she is on a constant emotional roller coaster with him. Could her best friends be the stable force that she desperately needs? 
Unfortunately for Tess, the more she tries to connect the missing pieces of her life, the more obscure her past and future appear to her. To make matters worse, she realizes she has fallen hard for a man who may be her worst enemy. As passion ignites between the two, she can’t help but surrender her heart and soul to him.
Tess is unexpectedly exposed to a world of secrecy, deceit, and danger, causing her to be running for her life, chased by the unknown. Can Tess escape and save not only herself, but also her loved ones? Or, will she be caught, leaving her no choice but to face her worst nightmare?
Chaysing Dreams is the ultimate love story, full of suspense, friendship, betrayal, tragedy, and sacrifice. In this epic tale, you will laugh and cry with Tess--a story full of twists and turns, keeping you guessing until the end.
Chaysing Dreams is available in Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kindle, Nook, iBooks.
His disgusting words against my mouth are making me feel like I’m going to vomit. As I struggle and moan in pain, I start to cry. Is he going to kill me after this horrible ordeal is over? When I feel him trying to get my panties out of the way, I know it’s over. I know that I’m just a helpless victim and he’s going to have his way with me. I remember thinking about all of the advice my dad had given me about safety. I’m sorry, Daddy, I made bad choices tonight.
            “I’m about to rock your world, baby! Hell yeah, you are so hot. And I’m so fucking turned on!” He continues his filthy words against my mouth as he brutally keeps trying to kiss me. By now, I feel defeated. There is nothing I can do to get out of this nightmare. There is nothing left in me. I’m crying and I start shaking like a helpless prey cornered by the evil predator. My body goes limp as I prepare for the inevitable.

  Meet The Author...
Jalpa Williby was born in India and immigrated to the United States at the tender age of eight. A voracious reader, Williby’s adolescence was marked by a promising academic career. After graduating with a Bachelors of Science from the University of Illinois, Williby went on to earn Masters in Physical Therapy from Northwestern University. Her passion for helping her patients led her to a specialty in neuroscience, focusing on children and adults with neurological impairments. Juggling her time as a wife, a mother, and working full-time, her love for books never subsided. Williby introduces her debut novel, Chaysing Dreams, as she writes with her heart and soul, her passion flowing through every page.

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