Saturday, May 9, 2015

Jezebel by K. Larsen Review

30 years of affection.
10 years of soul shattering love.
8 years of happy employment.
2 months of turmoil.
1 week of truth.
A lifetime of betrayal.

Would you have seen it coming?

Annabelle Fortin landed herself in a bit of trouble. Mandated to community service at an assisted living facility for early onset dementia she meets Jezebel, one of the residents. This is the story that unfolds over the course of Annabelle's court ordered six month sentence. Nothing is what it seems.


*I was provided an ARC for an honest review*
This book goes on my top reads of 2015 list. It was truly a beautiful, twisted masterpiece! Romance? Yes! Suspense? Yes! Mind F*? ABSOLUTELY.
With one page, I was addicted. The story quickly became my drug of choice. I think it's safe to say that this one is an epic read. It had that addictive feel that pulls a reader in and stays with them long after the last page. It was a story that was filled with characters that you love to hate. I was so conflicted on who to trust and what would happen in the end... The whole time I knew to expect something huge, but in all reality, the twist was MASSIVE. I'm talking jaw on the floor, eyes bulging HUGE! My ideas and thoughts were somewhat on track, but then again, so far away. I will tell you now... Everything you think you know will be tossed out the window with those last pages. It was one heck of an ending!
Looking back, I see how well crafted the book really was... It flowed flawlessly and kept you interested to the point of no skimming. Each and every word played an intricate role and I loved every bit of it... From the sweet romance, to the beautiful friendship. From the angst to the ultimate mind f*. It all filled my heart and made a happy reader.
I highly recommend this read to everyone that loves their books rich in thought with tons of depth.

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