Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Interview with Author Fifi Flowers

Welcome Author Fifi Flowers & Thank you for doing an Interview with Reader's Candy
Let's start with your writing.... Tell us a little about your most recent release.
What is the title and description?

A Window to Love

Melissa Bennette, a young beautiful woman who has tragically lost her parents in a devastating plane crash, is set to spend another Christmas holiday alone until one night as she gazes into the dressed up holiday windows of New York City and her path crosses with the gorgeous man of her dreams.

Evan Duke is the world's top male model, dreamed about and wanted by women everywhere, but he only has eyes for her.

This erotic tale of twists, turns and surprises stretches from twinkling lights of New York to the sun drenched beaches of Santa Monica to the art world of Paris. With each destination, the layers of their lives and closely held secrets fall away as a beautiful love grows out of the weeds of self doubt and heartbreak.

 Is there an Author that inspires you to write? When reading... What genre do you prefer?

My all time favourite is Judith Krantz… she started my interest in ROMANCE novels. HOWEVER… Fifty Shades of Grey author E.L. James inspire me to write EROTICA!

 We all claim a book boyfriend at one time or another... Who is your current book boyfriend?
Book boyfriends are WONDERFUL… my two favourite boyfriends that I have read about are Lucien from Kitty French’s books and Jesse from Jodi Ellen Malpas’ books. BUT MY CURRENT boyfriend is Émile because I am writing about him in my new Paris novella and I can make him anyway I want!

Enough about books... Let's get to know you!
This or That?
Vanilla or Chocolate? Chocolate
Sour or Sweet? Sweet
Money or Happiness? Money can bring Happiness!
Christian or Gideon?
Ménage a trios, please!

When it comes to a guy...
Looks or Personality? I’m going to say LOOKS at the moment!

Billionaire or Rockstar? Billionaire
Boxers or Briefs? Commando is preferred, but not a choice… Boxers
Control Freak or Careless Jerk? REALLY??? I think I will PASS on both!

 In the bedroom...
Submissive or Dominant? Dominant
Handcuffs or Blindfold? Blindfold
Whipped Cream or Lotion? Hmmmmm… Can you be more specific about the lotion?
Sweet/Slow or Hard/Fast ? Hard/Fast !!!

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