Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Interview with Author Melina Turner

Welcome Author Melina Turner & Thank you for doing an interview with Reader's Candy.

Let's start with your writing....
Tell us a little about your most recent release.
What is the title and description?
My most soon-to-be released book is in December 29th on my birthday and is called
The Deathly-Roses Volume 1. It is a whole new genre called prose/narrative and will be turning into an anime/manga comic book. It is between adult and YA so anyone can read it. Also I wrote it in year 3.
 Here's a small amount of the blurb...
Meet Wisty, a teenager forced by her family to bond to the richest, in Acrelain. But dire punishments, have given her something she never believed was true.
Join Wisty, as she sets off on an adventure between good and evil to find the very truths...that could break her or make her stronger.

 If someone asked you why they should read it... What would you say?
 I would say that they should read it as it's new and original, something you don't see everyday.
If you had to describe your writing style with one word... What would it be and why?
I'd say the way I write is "different" as I write every form of writing including movie scripts and lyrics and every genre of stories...their just not published yet.

 Is there an Author that inspires you to write?
There is not an author who inspired me to write. However I do have my favorites such as to name a few; Isobelle Carmody, Derek Landy, James Patterson, J.D. Robb, Nora Roberts, Alisson Croggon and so many more...

 When reading... What genre do you prefer?
I read any genre I can get my hands on.

 We all claim a book boyfriend at one time or another... Who is your current book boyfriend?
Fang from Maximum Ride, Rushton from Obernewtyn Chronicles and many others...THOR (wait we are talking about books but all my head is saying is...) THOR...THOR...THOR...THOR

 Enough about books... Let's get to know you!
This or That?
Vanilla or Chocolate? 
Chocolate anyday! Unless there's no chocolate then i will downgrade to vanilla
 Sour or Sweet?
Sweeeeeeeet! duuuuuude!
 Money or Happiness?
Id go for both but seeing as I don't have the mulah...I will always go for happiness... I mean its freeee! Why second chance it?
 Christian or Gideon?
I don't know about Gideon but I know I ain't no christian, at some point I was cathoolic and converted myself to my own religion of Freelancer. So I shall take the Gideon path on this one
When it comes to a guy...
Looks or Personality?
Truth be told, I'd say I'm not a judgmental person but on this part I am truthfully wrong. I like a good personality in my guys but I do like something I can look at and go, "dammmmn!" or more so have an attraction too.
 Billionaire or Rockstar?
I would rather go with either...a rockstar can be a billionaire but most billionaires are complete assholes so I'd stick to something regular or different, that stood out in the boring world
 Boxers or Briefs?
Jesus! No jesus can't save you now lol. Okay between this or that other...I'd say it depends on the briefs and/or boxers their wearing. Some people I'd gladly pay to put their clothes back on and others, well...helloooo
 Control Freak or Careless Jerk?
I'd say in between, I like the natural guy, yes a little bit of arrogance nut at least decent.
In the bedroom...
Submissive or Dominant?
Oh we come to the dangers of a bedroom...lets see. I am not much for anything like this but on tops my thing. I like being on top of everything. On top of my writing. On top of designing costumes...I'm always on top of everything i do... don't imagine this being any different actually *BLUSHES*
 Handcuffs or Blindfold?
Might as well go hard or go both
Although I have heard of awkward situations where the man/woman left their partner cuffed up all day. That'd be horrible. Id never forgive someone for doing that!
Whipped Cream or Lotion?
Whipped cream is yum but most lotions smell nice...hard decision
 Sweet/Slow or Hard/Fast ?
OH MY GOSH...people ask this question? Jebesus...both

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