Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Interview with Author Rene Folsom

Welcome Author Rene Folsom & Thank you for doing an interview with Reader's Candy!!

Let's start with your writing...
Tell us a little about your most recent release.
What is the title and description?
Shuttered Affections (Cornerstone #1)
After escaping to a college town, Juliana Petersen was determined to put her troubled past behind her and make the most of life. She was satisfied with her current situation, or so she thought. It wasn’t until the day her new photography professor stole her parking spot that she realized there was such thing as lust at first sight. Now, she must struggle with the decision to break the rules and fall in love, or step back and let the chance of a lifetime pass her by—all while her past relationships come back to haunt her.
How many men will it take to break Julia’s hold on reality?

Warning: This novel contains sexual situations and is meant for adult readers ages 18 and up.

If someone asked you why they should read it... What would you say?
If you like a long romantic suspense with a lot of tease, then you’ll enjoy Shuttered Affections.

If you had to describe your writing style with one word... What would it be and why?
Tantalizing, only because that is what others have said about my writing—that I’m the queen of tease.
When reading... What genre do you prefer?
Romance, mostly erotic suspense.

We all claim a book boyfriend at one time or another... Who is your current book boyfriend?

I tend to get hung up on my own male characters, mainly because I spend so much time with them.
Enough about books... Let's get to know you!
Vanilla or Chocolate? -Vanilla-
Sour or Sweet? -Sweet-
Money or Happiness? -Happiness-
Christian or Gideon? -Gideon-

When it comes to a guy...
Looks or Personality? -Personality-
Billionaire or Rockstar? -Rockstar-
Boxers or Briefs? -Boxer briefs-
Control Freak or Careless Jerk? -Neither-

In the bedroom...
Submissive or Dominant? -Respectful dom-
Handcuffs or Blindfold? -Handcuffs-
Whipped Cream or Lotion? -Whipped cream-
Sweet/Slow or Hard/Fast? This is more difficult to answer than I thought. LOL I love both, but in the end, sweet/slow is what gets me there.

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