Saturday, November 2, 2013

Interview with Author S.K. Weathers

Welcome Author S.K. Weathers & Thank you for doing an Interview with Reader's Candy!
Let's start with your writing.... Tell us a little about your most recent release. What is the title and description?
• Author’s name is S.K. Weathers
• Book Title is Fiancé for Hire
• Description: Sara receives a surprise visit from her mother, after she has just broken up with her fiancé. In a new living situation, she pretends she’s engaged to her new roommate, Nick. To make matters more complicated, her roommate’s brother, Jake doesn’t hide the fact that he’s very interested in Sara.
• The tagline is: Pursued by one brother, and completely confused by the other, what’s a girl with a pretend fiancé and real feelings to do?  

If someone asked you why they should read it... What would you say? It’s a lighthearted romance that anyone can relate to. You become invested in the story, because you learn so much about the characters and can identify with them, and you’re curious as to how it will all sort out in the end. Plus, everyone needs a little fluff in their lives, every once in a while. It's a nice escape.

If you had to describe your writing style with one word... What would it be and why?
You really get to know the character’s personalities, and what drives them. I think I write them so they’re easy to imagine and they form a clear picture in your mind of who they are.

Is there an Author that inspires you to write? When reading... What genre do you prefer? The author I enjoy the most these days is Patricia Briggs. She has set up an incredible world in her books, down to the way she explains the social hierarchies, and subtle things like body language, etc. You can get lost in her books.
I like several genres: urban fantasy, paranormal, contemporary and historical romance.

We all claim a book boyfriend at one time or another... Who is your current book boyfriend?
Adam Hauptman from Patricia Brigg’s Mercy Thompson books.

Enough about books... Let's get to know you!
This or That?

Vanilla or Chocolate?
Sour or Sweet?
Money or Happiness?
Happiness, but a little money to eat would be great!
Christian or Gideon?
N/A never read either of these books

 When it comes to a guy...
Looks or Personality?
Billionaire or Rockstar?
Boxers or Briefs?
Boxers or the boxer briefs.
Control Freak or Careless Jerk?
Control Freak…..although if he saw my housekeeping skills he would wig out. LOL.

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