Saturday, November 2, 2013

Shuttered Affections by Rene Folsom Review

After escaping to a college town, Juliana Petersen was determined to put her troubled past behind her and make the most of life. She was satisfied with her current situation, or so she thought. It wasn’t until the day her new photography professor stole her parking spot that she realized there was such thing as lust at first sight. Now, she must struggle with the decision to break the rules and fall in love, or step back and let the chance of a lifetime pass her by—all while her past relationships come back to haunt her.

How many men will it take to break Julia’s hold on reality?

Warning: This novel contains sexual situations and is meant for adult readers ages 18 and up.
My Thoughts:
A beautiful mix of mystery and romance.
5/5 stars
This story consumed me from the beginning and had me wanting more at the end.
It starts with a young woman walking into her photography class to notice one of the best surprises ever. . . Her professor was HOT! Automatically, there was an instant connection and while they try to keep their relationship on the DL, they battle a ghost from the past.
The suspense and mystery in this book will leave you on the edge of your seat. I honestly couldn't turn the pages fast enough. Just when I thought I had it figured out, the Author sent me in different direction.
The characters were relatable and charming.  Aiden was a total book boyfriend. He was kind, compassionate, and sexy as hell! Julia was a feisty one. I loved her personality and how strong/confident she was. The romance they shared was intoxicating. I loved the messages they sent each other and how intimate they were over the phone. The sexual tension was so undeniable.

This book had me feeling so many different emotions. One minute I was gushing over the romance, the next I was biting my nails- LIKE nooooo this can't be happening.
I really enjoyed this book and recommend it to all mature readers!!

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